Solons Bakery


Meeting 1 - Wed May 13th

Fireside format - Informal with food and drink - $20

Welcome to Solons' Bakery a place where intellectual conservative thinkers meet to discuss, learn and meet.

Liberalism appears to have adopted an overarching framework to their political movement. It seems rooted in “postmodernism”, a more acceptable name for cultural Marxism, and socialism, again rooted in Marxism.

The left call on everyone to do what is virtuous, or what is perceived as being virtuous, at any cost. The liberal far-left tend not not attack conservative values, they tend to attack people, (or even entire groups of people), fostering divisive identity politics. It is up to the liberal far-left define what is virtuous, not conservatives, whereas conservatism seems to focus on ideals and values, not virtues.

The liberal far-left seem to be following an ideology, not ideals.

7:00pm Introductions

7:15pm Grab some food with music.

7:45pm Talk 1. What is ideological possession and how does it manifest in political and cultural dialogue? How does ideological possession relate to the far left ad the NPC character?

8:10pm Talk 2. Guest speaker - What are the conservative values, how do they manifest, how do we better connect them to conservative thinking people? Does conservatism have a voice in what is publicly accepted as virtue?

9:30pm Open discussion - meet & greet.


Jul 07 2020


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